Waste policy

Hindsgavl castle is committed to reducing our environmental footprint and promoting suitability in our operational activities. Part of this is to make a conscious effort within waste management to ensure that this is carried out responsibly.

This waste policy informs about our obligations in the three areas within waste, including minimisation of waste, promotion of recycling/circularity and correct disposal of particulartly hazardous waste, electronics and other waste groups that are not included in the general sorting.

Minimising waste

At Hindsgavl Castle, we work to reduce our waste by introducing measures that minimise our waste in several different areas. One of our focus areas is our minimisation of food waste in all aspects from purchasing, serving, and handling waste. Here we focus on accurate purchase planning, portion control and composting.

We also work actively to reduce the use of single-use packaging and products in our operational activities and use biodegradable products where possible.

In addition, we have a goal of continuously identifying opportunities for improvement in relevant areas of our operations.


At Hindsgavl Castle, we encourage our employees to follow our waste policy and recycle products to the extent possible to promote circularity.

This is expressed, among other things, in the separation and recycling of paper, glass, plastic, metal and organic waste, which our staff is trained to sort correctly.

Our goal is also to achieve maximum lifespan for our furniture and interiors. That is why we actively work to renovate and repair them, instead of simply investing in new furniture.


Correct disposal

At Hindsgavl Castle, we keep ourselves updated and aware of rules and regulations for the correct disposal of hazardous and electronic waste in cooperation with the local authorities and service providers, thereby avoiding the disposal of hazardous materials in general waste streams.

Awareness and education

Hindsgavl Castle’s employees are trained in proper waste management and are committed to our sustainable initiatives in their daily activities.

This is evident in our waste sorting, where more than 70 % of the waste collected at Hindsgavl Castle in 2023 was taken for recycling. This reduced the waste’s carbon footprint by over 30 tonnes*. Our goal is to continuously increase these rates and reduce our total amount of waste in general.

*Data from Marius Pedersen, who handles Hindsgavl Castle’s waste.

Continuous improvement

We regularly assess our waste policy and ensure that it is adhered to. In addition, we work continuously with the identification of possible improvements, and ensure that our policy is updated according to these measures.

We believe that our waste policy will reduce our environmental footprint and promote sustainability at Hindsgavl castle and encourage our stakeholders to support our initiatives.

You can read about our responsibilities towards food-ethics and our procurement policy here

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