Procurement policy

Hindsgavl castle is conscious of our responsibility to reduce our environmental footprint and promote sustainability in our operational activities. This procurement policy has been developed, with this in mind.

Procurement principles:

  1. Prioritizing sustainable products: We wish within our possibilities to prioritize suppliers who actively work with sustainability and have made commitments to this end. This may include products and services with environmental certifications or in other ways documented sustainable production and distribution.
  2. Local and reginal suppliers: Hindsgavl castle cares about the local community and will therefore give preference to local and reginal suppliers in order to support the community and simultaneously reduce our environmental footprint. This includes food items, services from craftsmen, and other products and services.
  3. Energy-saving products: When relevant, for example, when replacing lighting, we will choose energy efficient appliances and equipment that help reduce our energy consumption.
  4. Healthy food: we will focus on offering guests’ healthy food and menus that follow the Danish Food Agency’s new dietary advice, including options for vegetarian and vegan diets.
    • The kitchen garden: We will utilize the resources created in our kitchen garden and ensure that these continue to function as a supplement in the kitchen production.
  5. Reuse and recycling: We will promote reuse and recycling by working with suppliers who offers opportunities to reduce waste and support our waste sorting program. Our focus in cicularity is expressed, among other things, in the treatment of our interiors, where furniture is reupholstered and repaired rather than replaced, in the desire to extend the furniture’s lifetime and limit our consumption.
  6. Long-term partnerships: We wish to build close and long-term partnerships with suppliers who share our interest in the more sustainable choice and collaborate actively to identify and implement solutions that promote environmental protection.

Employee training and awareness:

Hindsgavl castle will involve our employees in the process towards a greener profile and encourage suggestions for improvements, in addition to active participation in complying with Hindsgavl Castle’s initiatives towards a more environmentally friendly operation. In addition, we will inform and train our employees to understand their role in complying with the initiatives above.

Continuous improvement:

Hindsgavl castle will regularly assess our procurement practices to ensure compliance with the procurement policy, and continuously improve our environmental activities.

You can read about our responsibilities towards food-ethics and our waste policy here

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