Sustainability with plenty of flavour

At Hindsgavl Castle, we have a strong focus on sustainability, and we aim for great taste with a clear conscience. This means that in the kitchen, we practice less of “the usual” and more of listening. Both to what our guests are asking for and to the current trends of smaller portions, less meat, and more vegetables. Our chefs prepare small, delicious dishes for you, from scratch, with quality ingredients and great passion – based on many years of experience in aligning expectations and reading our guests’ needs and desires.

From garden to gut

Is there anything better than freshly harvested, home-grown vegetables? Many of our ingredients come from our large kitchen garden, covering about 10,000 square meters, and are used all year round. Here, we grow vegetables, herbs, fruits, and flowers – both edible and for the castle’s decorator. We also have 8 beehives that supply the castle with the sweetest honey from the fields around us. In addition, we harvest walnuts from the large, old trees in the castle park, which also contribute to the kitchen’s pantry.

Everything we produce in the kitchen garden is used – either fresh, when in season, or preserved by pickling, bottling, dehydrating, fermenting, so the joy lasts all year round.

Satiated without food waste

At Hindsgavl Castle, we see it as our duty to minimize food waste as much as possible. This is one of the reasons why our lunches are not typically served as the traditional buffet, but with open kitchen stations in the restaurant, where the chefs prepare the food as needed. This way, only the necessary amount is produced, thereby avoiding the significant food waste that a buffet can easily result in – while ensuring delicious, freshly prepared food for our guests.

In a large kitchen like ours, which serves more than 100,000 people annually, it is, however, difficult to completely avoid food waste. The vast majority of the food waste that does occur is sent to incineration in biogas plants. Here, it is converted into biomass, which is subsequently transformed into electricity.

You can read about our procurement policy and our waste policy here

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