Corporate Responsibility

With respect, consideration, common sense, and responsibility, we take action to show each other and the world around us that we want to contribute to a better tomorrow. Holding a stance is a core value for us. This is how we ensure that we continue to have happy guests and satisfied employees, while also taking the greatest possible care of the environment.

We are constantly intensifying our efforts as we grow wiser. We aim to make a difference; we are not even afraid to lead the way. Our only requirement is that it must make sense. Not just in terms of the environment, for example, but also financially, commercially, and humanely.

You can read about our responsibilities towards food-ethics, our procurement policy and our waste policy here

Sustainability at Hindsgavl Castle

The path to greater sustainability requires a continuous outreach effort. At Hindsgavl Slot, we as a company and people are committed to actively working with sustainability across different areas to minimise our environmental impact and promote responsible operations. This commitment is closely aligned with Hindsgavl Castle’s values of respect, consideration, common sense, and responsibility.

Our approach to sustainability, as well as our daily operations, is firmly grounded in these principles, and we take great responsibility for our behaviour – because behaviour becomes habits, which collectively lead us in the right direction naturally.

Read more about how we work with sustainability in practise.

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The Balance between heritage and sustainability

The history of Hindsgavl Castle spans several hundred years, with the main building from 1784 and the breeding buildings from 1785 forming part of Danish heritage and being protected. This status entails certain restrictions on modernisations and other adjustments.

Our responsibility and respect for our history and past do not exempt us from responsibility towards our current surroundings and the future. Therefore, we continuously look at how we can optimise the buildings within the constraints imposed by their protected status. This sometimes requires compromises, but that is preferable to no optimisation at all. Again, it is a comprehensive assessment that determines the outcome.

These optimisations are carried out not only with consideration for the castle, its history, or aesthetics but equally for both the environment and people – by focusing on increasing energy efficiency, maximising guest comfort, and improving the working environment.

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