Dinner in the White Lady restaurant

At Hindsgavl Slot, you can enjoy a nice dinner with a view of the castle park and the water of the Little Belt glistening between the trees. Just take a seat in our bright and modern restaurant the White Lady located in the side wing of the castle’s historic main building.

The dinner menu consists of a selection of delicious starters and main courses as well as cheese and desserts offering interesting tastes for most palates. The dishes are based on high-quality ingredients – often from the castle’s kitchen garden – allowing the flavour to take centre stage.

We recommend that you book a table. You can do so by calling +45 6441 8800.

General opening hours

Monday – Sunday

  • Lunch in the White Lady: 12.00-16.00*
  • Dinner in the White Lady: 18.00-21.30*

Please note: The restaurant will be closed for dinner on Saturday, 6 April and Saturday, 25 May 2024. The restaurant will also be closed for dinner during the summer period, 28 June to 11 August 2024, where, instead, you will be able to book a table in the Castle Barn for our dinner menu of day.

*Exceptions may occur – for example when we are hosting large events. Therefore, we recommend table reservations.

See the dinner menu See the lunch menu

The White Lady’s dinner menu

Dinner is served Monday through Sunday from 18.00 to 21.30. The menu below is available until 6 March 2024. See the upcoming menu here.




Fried sweetbread confit

with baked garlic cream, mustard, pickled garden onions, salted lemon, and cress

DKK 140.-


Dark fish soup à la bourride

with steamed plaice, whipped crème fraîche, roasted lobster oil, pickled garden fennel, garlic, and parsley

DKK 120.-


“Sandwich” with smoked venison from the deer park

with crispy cheese crackers, herb mayo, Hindsgavl’s pickled gherkins, garden apples, and dried herbs

DKK 120.-


Main courses

Medium-roasted mallard breast

in a crispy crustade with brown beech and porcini mushrooms, mushroom sauce, pearl onions, crispy enoki mushrooms, currants, and cress

DKK 295.-


Steamed Faroese cod

with baked, crispy, and creamy salsify, pasta, spinach, and sauce made with preserved white asparagus

DKK 295.-


Roasted cauliflower

on creamy chickpeas with thyme, onion, and local cheese ‘Havgus’ – served with foamy truffle sauce, fresh winter truffle, and ramson capers from the garden

DKK 265.-


Cheese and desserts

Local cheese ‘Arla Unika Gnalling’

with cream and cold sauce made with local Japanese quince, roasted fennel seeds, thyme, dried flowers, and crackers

DKK 125.-


Bergamot parfait

with preserve and cream of garden pumpkin, candied orange peel, roasted buckwheat, and warm sfogliatella with pumpkin and vanilla

DKK 125.-


Poached quince

with cardamom ganache, puffed kernels, butter-fried sourdough crumble, caramelised chocolate, and chervil

DKK 120.-



Please inform us in advance if you have any special dietary requirements.

Call +45 6441 8800 for table reservation See our wine list (Danish)

The upcoming dinner menu

The menu below is available from 6 March 2024.




Tartare of Danish veal

with pickled garden pumpkin, herb mayonnaise, cress, horseradish, and potato chips

DKK 140.-


Butter-fried toast with baked Faroese salmon

spinach à la crème, lemon, dill, onion, and parsley

DKK 125.-


Celeriac ravioli with smoked mayonnaise

apples, browned butter, champonzu, mizuna, ramson capers, and roasted buckwheat

DKK 120.-


Main courses

Roasted breast of Danish country chicken

carrots, peas, spring onion, pea oil, boiled herb potatoes, and sauce suprême

DKK 295.-


Steamed Danish pollack

with sautéed pointed cabbage, pearl onions, shallots, and pickled garden squash as well as a crispy seaweed cracker, boiled herb potatoes, and a sauce with last summer’s elderflowers

DKK 285.-


Creamy risotto 

with pearl onions, parsnip, leek, toasted hazelnuts, lemon thyme, local cheese ’Vesterhavsost’, and fresh truffle

DKK 265.-


Cheese and desserts

Selection of Danish cheeses

with home-made preserves, olives, and home-made crispbread

DKK 130.-


Curd, sorbet, and chips of garden apples

with mint, lemon balm, and sourdough crumble

DKK 120.-


Liquorice root ice cream

with white chocolate ganache, marinated pear, chervil, and macaroon

DKK 125.-



The menu above is available from 6 March 2024.

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