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At Hindsgavl Castle we are ready to help you conduct a successful meeting or event in what might be Denmark’s most beautiful surroundings. Use the contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible and help you with your request.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to hear more about your opportunities regarding decorations for your party or function, please contact our coordinator at We can help with inspiration and send suggestions for table arrangements and decorations for your party.

You are always welcome to come by for at chat about your wishes regarding your stay, party, conference, workshop etc.

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Hindsgavl Slot A/S
Hindsgavl Allé 7
DK-5500 Middelfart

CVR nr. 2751 1856

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    Reception and conference
    christina din personlige kontakt

    Christina Skjellerup

    Conference Manager

    Julie Lund Hindsgavl

    Conference Coordinator

    Alberte Mittet (på barsel)

    Conference Coordinator
    Ida Vangsgaard

    Ida Vangsgaard Hansen

    Conference Coordinator
    jeanette hindsgavl

    Jeanette Hansen

    Reception Manager
    Maja Camillo

    Maja Camillo Sandholm

    Reception Assistant Manager
    Party and Event
    Emma Vive

    Emma Vive

    Party and Event Coordinator

    Sabrina Kørvel Rasmussen

    F&B Coordinator
    ulrik i slotskøkkenet

    Ulrik Kjærsgaard

    Head Chef
    Alexander Noel Bruun

    Alexander Noel Bruun

    Technical Manager
    Uffe Høeg Johansen

    Uffe Høeg Johansen

    Peter Vinther-Wilhelmsen

    Peter Vinther-Wilhelmsen

    F&B Manager

    Karina Banke Nielsen

    Principal Secretary

    +45 6441 8800

    Meetings and conferences
    +45 6340 6698

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