Expect an exquisite taste experience

When attending meetings, conferences, or company parties at Hindsgavl Castle, you can expect to have your tastebuds pampered. Our chefs make a point of preparing all foods from scratch, arranging it so it is a feast for your eyes as well.

”When we cook for conferences and meetings, the point of departure is always the specific situation. The type of event, the number of attendees, and whether there are any special needs all play their part, when we plan the menu. We only use quality, fresh and – to the extent possible – local produce. In summer from our own kitchen garden, among others. We proudly serve delicious courses with a smile on our lips.”

– Ulrik Nielsen, Head Chef at Hindsgavl Castle

Harvested from our own kitchen garden

Nothing tastes better than newly harvested, home-grown vegetables! For this reason, we have our own kitchen garden of approx. 10.000 m2, tended to by our two gardeners.

When the seasons allow it, we use fruits, vegetables, and herbs from our vast kitchen garden. Both raw, prepared, and pickled, so that we benefit from the produce all year round. Have you ever tasted pickled walnuts? Or fresh honey from Hindsgavl? You see, we also keep bees. We extract the honey immediately after the flowers bloom, resulting in the loveliest, light honey with a very delicate taste.

Should you want an alternative activity as a pause from your meetings, you and your attendees can come for a guided tour of the kitchen garden with the gardener.

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